3rd October 2016 Yellow Book Interiors

The Yellow Book was a cultural quarterly published in the 1890s containing a vast array of literary and artistic genres (poetry, illustrations, portraits, painting reproductions, etc.) and showcasing leading British art and design at the time. As a historically influential magazine in terms of content and design, it is the inspiration behind the company I am going to be talking about today – Yellow Book Interiors Ltd.

This interior design company describes themselves as a ‘360 degree interior design agency creating beautiful interiors across Dorset’ and offer their clientele a complete interior design service – so whatever you are looking to do in your home (whether it be restoration or re-decorating a single room) Yellow Book Interiors Ltd can provide an experienced, professional touch that, let’s face it, is never a bad thing! As a company they are well aware that a home is just that, a home; it is not a stage or a display unit but an entirely personal space where aesthetics and practicalities are individual – not everyone is the same, so why should everyone’s home be? With an interior design agency such as this what you are getting is the help of an expert with the knowledge and commitment to help you express your unique individuality visually within your home, which is not always an easy achievement!

On their website they give a very clear break down of how a personal consultation is carried out which I have summarized below:

Recognising that the home is a personal space, this company is dedicated to meeting individual needs – they will supervise all projects in order to minimise disruption, provide a wide range of materials (including fabrics, wallpapers, light-fittings, floor coverings, and home furnishings), and make use of their close, working relationships with a varied array of suppliers in order to provide you with a space entirely catered to your aesthetic and functional needs.

If you are looking to re-vamp an area of your home or indeed your whole house, I urge you to have a look and see what Yellow Book Interiors Ltd can do for you! Their philosophy is simple; they believe in establishing environments that are ‘robust, beautiful, practical, and sensuous in equal measure’, that the intrinsic point of design is ‘to make life better’, and perhaps most importantly that your home should be as unique as you are.  So, if you have an interior project you wish to begin but aren’t quite sure where to start why not get in contact with Yellow Book Interiors Ltd and see just what they can do for you! www.yellowbookinteriors.co.uk

Anna x

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