16th May 2017 White Wash Wood Floors: Get the Style

Whitewashing brightens the wood and enhances its beauty, enthusing a richly textured look.

Once a staple of the 1980s shabby chic look, white wash wood flooring is back. Timber finished in this style will make a room feel light, creating a contemporary base with a natural, rustic twist – perfect if you want to create a relaxed, lived-in atmosphere. The bleached effect captures a coastal look when paired with light furnishings or pastel colours, or can inspire unique contrasts when teamed with darker features.

The White Wash Tradition

Formerly known as lime washing, whitewashing is a technique that has been around for many years. It was originally used to protect wood floors and was often the only option for less affluent people to breathe fresh life into worn timbers. These days, white wash wood flooring’s bleached and weathered look is popular on the interior design scene.

Whereas the old-school whitewashing formula was a mix of calcium hydroxide and chalk, contemporary white wash wood flooring is created with pigmented wood oils and paint mixtures that achieve the same effect. When applied, whitewashing brightens the wood and enhances its beauty – natural wood grain details stand out, enthusing a richly textured look. The hazy white result is highly sought after for classic, coastal and contemporary home themes.

White Wash Wood Flooring Ideas

The great thing about white wash wood flooring is that it’s neither too bright nor too dull, making it the go-to option for many interior styles. The light tones carry a natural feel that can create the perfect backdrop for your walls, furniture and theme to be showcased. Check out some of our ideas for introducing white wash wood in your home…

Contemporary Cool

When paired with neutral furnishings, white washed wood can become a room’s main feature. The sandy tones and rustic details of York White Washed are enhanced by understated materials while a grey paint shade plays with the subtle ashen tones in boards. Bursts of green bring a fresh feel to finish the look.

Blog: White Wash Wood Floors - Get The Style

Coastal Charm

With a worn, sun-bleached look, whitewashed flooring is reminiscent of coastal driftwood. When teamed with neutral walls and natural materials, the result is a fresh vibe with charming contrasts. Feature terracotta, rustic stone and lots of greenery to create the look.

Blog: White Wash Wood Floors - Get The Style

Scandi Style

White wash wood flooring is perfect for Scandinavian-inspired interiors with neutral colours, light wood furnishings and quirky features. Berkeley White Oak is a perfect example of an aged and distressed timber that’s enhanced with a whitewash stain. The design is ideal for a minimal kitchen.

Blog: White Wash Wood Floors - Get The Style

Cosy Comfort

The buttercream hues of white wash oak make perfect company for colourful and cosy schemes. Intricate grain details peer through the white and ashen hues of Raglan White Smoked to capture a unique blend of rustic and contemporary. The floor makes a pleasing backdrop for relaxed, homely furnishings and accessories.

Blog: White Wash Wood Floors - Get The Style

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