31st August 2017 What Is Your Interior Design Style?

If you continually struggle to stay up to date with interior design trends, perhaps it is time for a refreshing change of pace. Don’t indulge the myth that you can future proof against changing styles, it is time to rethink your idea of timelessness.

You could set a bare face rebellion in motion, favouring swathes of primary colour, in a period where muted shades and greys are deemed more palatable. Or you could retreat to the country, full of chintzy florals, tartan runners and antiquated accessories.

Style is eternal when we remain true to ourselves, you just need to identify which design styles resonate most.

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Open plan and open minded. The industrial style was kicked off with loft living. Exposed brick work, metal lamps, high ceilings and iron girders are the basics of the style. The look is intentionally undone, playful and favoured in open plan living spaces. Texture is key, rough, rugged, stone, brick and funky accessories.

A company which knows all about funky accessories is Style The Home member Hatsukoi.

Hatsukoi is a UK based company who retail Japanese inspired products. The company name translates to “first love”,  intended to remind the consumer of things they loved as a child. The beauty is in the simplicity.

Take a look at these fabulous paper lampshades. Not only would the product look perfect against a bare brick wall, it is also a chance for you to get crafty. Download the plan, print and decorate in your own style. Totally bespoke, totally brilliant.

Transitional Interiors

Transitional styling honours the core values of traditional interiors, whilst adding contemporary twists. Key components include elegant fireplaces , Chesterfield style sofas and ceiling roses. However the style remains relevant with the introduction of more modern textiles and abstract art work.

Vintage Industrial - Style The Home Blog

Are you a country girl at heart?

The chintz may have been chucked out, but floral interiors are still very much en vogue. Stylised floral curtains and wallpapers are often the focal point of otherwise neutral and pastel compositions. Think loose covered upholstery alongside bespoke fauteuils.


Scandinavian design is all about function and making life easier. It is not big on unnecessary adornment and shuns ostentation for a stripped back, wood dominated style. Negative space is coveted and furniture tends to be slimline, even sofas are much less blowsy, encased in brusk wire frames. Pops of colour accentuate the look here and there, with a strong preference for zesty shades. Undeniably cool, divides opinion.

Luxury Modern

Whilst colour and shape is important, luxury modern styles focus more on the use of materials. The objective is to design a space which feels wonderfully comfortable, elegant and superbly luxurious. Think oversized velvety sofas, plush carpets and marble fireplaces. This luxury style extends across the entire house including lounge, bedroom and bathroom…

Style The Home are proud to welcome Bushboard as a member. The company is no stranger to luxury, retailing beautiful materials to create marble wet rooms and luxury wall panels. The company also has an innovative online configurator which enables you to visualise your luxury bathroom or kitchen, ensuring you get the look just right, check it out.

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