21st June 2017 Allow nature to breathe life into your home

Are you bored with glossy interior mags featuring even glossier kitchens? Do unrealistic minimalist work surfaces, punctuated with the obligatory vase of lilies and perhaps a lemon and lime, cause an instant eye roll? Do you long for something less contrived, less created…something more natural?

If nature always wears the colour of the spirit, perhaps we should allow a little of our own spirit to shine through in our homes. You can throw every designer led detail into your home, but in your strive for perfection, have you overlooked your soul? 

At Style The Home our aspirations are more than a prissy posy of flowers, we acknowledge that nothing can challenge the allure of nature in all her forms and have a number of top tips for decorating your home with earthly treasures.

Blog: Top Tips For Decorating Your Home With Nature

Saying it without flowers

The trend for indoor gardening is on the up! Spider plants are creeping into homes up and down the country, as are cactus and clematis. The look is more cost effective than freshly cut flowers and it lends itself to a more undone interior, which is fluid and forever changing.

Succulents are an unconventional way to say it with flowers, taking the plants literally out of the box and onto the wall. There are hundreds of thousands of Instagram pics, detailing photo frames filled with beautiful succulents. Of course you can create one of your very own, or fast track your new interior aspirations with a ready bought frame.

At Style The Home we are proud to have MXN Design as a new member. The company offer unusual handmade product for both home and garden. And they also sell ready to go succulent frames… Check it out!

Feather and Nest are another fabulous retailer who have been looking for the best of mother nature’s offerings. Jumping on the botanical bang wagon, the company have a range of beautiful glass planters just waiting to be filled with indoor plants.

Insiders Tip! If you are not particularly green fingered, cacti are an easy to care for plant (particularly if they are artificial..sssshh, we won’t tell if you don’t)… Check out the plants available at The Den and Now.

Living Walls

We have already mentioned the trend for vertical gardening and it extends beyond prettily framed plants.

Living walls have become a big thing in the last few years and perhaps it is the issue with big, which has put some people on the back foot. Even those privileged with large swathes of wall space, may not want to commit to an entire wall of living plants.

Traditionally, mossy walls were avoided, but now we embrace them. And they don’t have to be difficult to maintain. Contrary to the perceived requirement for complex watering systems, some living walls require minimum care.

We adore this take on a living wall from MXN Design. Handcrafted from reclaimed wood, the item contains a field of reindeer moss which needs no watering and stays green forever!

Blog: Top Tips For Decorating Your Home With Nature, Mossy Wall Art

Beyond the shoreline

There are no lines in nature, just layers of greens, blending into layers of blue. And it is the big blue that we turn to for our final inspiration.

The sea is filled with textured treasure. Decorating with shells or driftwood is age old, but a new wave of designers are looking to the sea to inspire their creations. Coral, seaweed and sea urchins are the basis for many vases, lights and sculptures.

Bringing the outside in allows you to unearth a more rugged aesthetic for your home. As humans we welcome and embrace each change in season and with it the changes in nature. By embracing foliage and flora indoors, you can elevate your connection with the natural world and perhaps enjoy a better sense of wellbeing. 

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