9th November 2017 Top Tips For A Perfectly Dressed Bed!

Do you remember the story about the Princess and The Pea? Layer upon layer of feathery bed, yet alas… the Princess slept restlessly, troubled by the small pea, which left her bruised and battered…

Of course you may not be a Princess, but why not aspire to a perfectly dressed bed which is fit for royalty.

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Here are our top tips!

1. Dressing your bed beautifully is aesthetically pleasing, but you need to ensure you have the basics right to begin with.  Just like the princess, each layer of your bed is as important as the next. Mattress protector, pillows, duvet and so on.

Style The Home member, Button & Sprung, are specialists when it comes to beds and mattresses. The online buying guide is designed to help consumers understand which mattress might suit them best, debunking myths about firm mattresses being better for your back. Additionally the company offers a no quibble, free 100 night return if the customer decides they made a wrong purchase.

2. When reading a description of luxury boutique hotel, you will often find details boasting the thread count of their bed linen. And quite rightly so! A higher thread count usually translates to softer sheets with a higher quality. So dig deep in the pockets and prepare to invest.

3. Thinking big in the bedroom is key. If the room allows, opt for a king sized bed which allows more room to sprawl. The same rule applies to pillows, large pillows give off a more luxurious vibe. Always remember to plump the pillows when dressing.

4. Crisp white sheets are barely beatable! The look is elegant and sophisticated and can be warmed in winter with the addition of textured throws and scatter cushions. If you must inject a little colour, opt for subtle piping in calmed hues.

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And for tiny princesses, or princes…

Hopping into a luxuriously dressed bed is helpful in inducing a good nights sleep for adults, but what about baby? 

As if we needed any excuse to recommend these exquisite bedding sets from Style The Home member Miyu, Miyu! This beautiful handmade sateen moses basket bumper, is available in a range of colours and with a choice of bows. The item is delivered with a dark wicker basket and finished with leather handles.

Each item is made to order, so allow time for delivery. Indulgent, excessive… and simply beautiful!

Elisabeth x

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