12th October 2017 Click Refresh! Time For A New Bedroom Interior!

Is your bedroom interior a little bland? Would you prefer the magic of a boutique bolthole boudoir? Enjoy a hotel-like experience every night, with our top tips!

Decadent Duo

Some things are just meant to be together and choosing a powerful colour partnership is a great place to start your makeover. Let us inspire you…

Green with a touch of Midas! Earthy or emerald, instant envy guaranteed.

You read it here in black and white. Monochrome is always magnificent.

Plummy accents with warm grey shades.

Bedroom With Sunburst Mirror - Style The Home Blog

Mirror Images

Hotel room ambience is no accident, it’s an art form! And the devil is in the detail. All the accessories are strategically positioned, from the array of pillows down to the bedside table. Identical arrangements on tables either side of the bed look chic, work with lamps, vases and possibly candles. Speaking of mirror images…

No boutique bedroom is complete without mirrors, increasing that sense of space and light. If you are not sure if you prefer hexagonal, pentagonal or octagonal… why not opt out of the geometry lesson altogether and go sunburst!

At Style The Home we absolutely love this sunburst mirror from Exclusive Mirrors. From humble bedroom beginnings, Exclusive Mirrors has grown extensively! Dedicated to design, the team travel the world to continually discover new products. With a number of online websites, they are absolutely smashing the industry… ironic, but true.

NB: Accessorising should be fun, but don’t feel the need to fill all negative spaces.

Beautify The Bathroom

If you are lucky enough to have a private en-suite, then your bathroom should be transformed into your personal sanctuary. Injecting a little luxury into your bathroom retreat is money well spent, especially as luxurious bathrooms are always in fashion and the appetite for gleaming polished marble surfaces never gets sated.

And what better place to visit for inspiration than the largest showroom of tiles in the world, introducing Casa Ceramica.

Casa Ceramica are based in Manchester and it’s hard not to be impressed whether you are browsing their collections in the showroom or online.

There is so much more than a metro tile… so go and discover a WOW styling which will instantly elevate your bathroom look.

Industrial Decor Freestanding Bath - Style The Home Blog

And so to bed…

What is the very pinnacle of every perfect hotel bedroom? The bed! Crisp white sheets which promise to deliver a fabulous night’s sleep! #bedgasm

The hospitality industry has perfected the showpiece bed. Oversized, plain, possibly with subtly contrasted edging! And Style The Home have the very company to help you achieve the look.

Beaumont Brown deliver high quality bed linen to exclusive hotels across the world and now, it could be coming to a home near you.

From Thread To Bed, goes the company motto. Style The Home love this Satin Stripe bedding set, elegantly plain.

NB: For the perfect Oxford Pillowcases time after time, always starch the edges to ensure they stand to attention. Also check out Beaumont Brown for fluffy towels, dressing gowns and slippers.

Good Night x

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