19th October 2016 The Modern Day Patchwork

Hello and welcome to our world of Patchwork Luxury. At Frantasia Haze we live to design Bespoke and Unique Cushion Luxury for you home. Inspired to make rooms smile and bring a modern twist to everyday living.

Every Bespoke Cushion is completely originally and only one in each design is ever created. Why? Because we love bringing you Bespoke Luxury and we make sure every piece of luxury fabric is used to its full potential in every beautiful little square. I believe every home deserves its bespoke character and everyone should express their individual character through their interiors. Whether through bold colour, wild wallpaper or simplistic furniture. Why not? It’s your home, your escape whether it’s a carnival of colours or a sanctuary of tranquil bliss.


Frosted Flowers £24.99


On that thought we have been busy working away in our studio, designing more Luxury Patchwork Beauties for your homes Luxury Treasures. Our designs from the latest collection, have been inspired by the tropical twist of Summer. Inspired by the sounds, smells, flavours and blooming beauty of a Tropical Summer, we have captured our favourite inspirations and designed them into our Fabulous Modern Day Patchwork Cushions. From Sweet Apple Green, Tangerine Coral to Raspberry Cerise, the delicious and stunning colours of summer can be enjoyed in your home with our Heavenly Patchwork Luxury.

Scatter Me Perfect… Our Fabulous Bespoke Group Patchwork collections are perfect for scattering their character around your home. Our latest design is a Fabulous one, if I do not say so myself. A beautiful group collection of soft delicious summer tones and elegant details, named Lemongrass & Thyme is inspired by summer herbs, in a warm summer mist. Indulged in a beautiful soothing colour palette, Lemongrass & Thyme will add the perfect bespoke luxury and charmfull character to any room.


Lemongrass & Thyme £45.99


Here are our Top Picks from our latest collection with a Summer Jungle, Apple Blossom and Floral Skies, all bursting with vibrant colour and fabulous textures. A perfect mix of luxury squares to bring home some fabulous character. Check out our latest Patchwork Beauties below:



Summer Jungle £34.99 / Apple Blossom £34.99 / Floral Skies £34.99


We are bringing Mini Patchwork Luxury with our Fabulous Mini Me Designs, Bright Side. With a burst of uplifting Sweet Spring Yellow with this modern floral twist, you will definitely create a modern elegant statement to your interiors. So what are you waiting for!? Get some Mini Me Patchwork Luxury in your life! Visit frantasiahaze.com



Bright Side Mini's £24.99

Lyndsay - Frantasia Haze 


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