27th October 2016 Harley & Lola's Seasonal Interior Trends and Collections

Looking to the year ahead there are some sensationally stylish interior trends that are getting us at Harley & Lola very excited, and that is why we have some brand new collections to help you get the look of these fantastic designs! Here is our guide to three of our favourites and what you can expect to see from the most stylish interiors this Autumn and Winter.

Modern Vintage 

A blend of old and new, inspired by mid-century and Scandinavian styles, Modern Vintage is indescribably elegant, emphasizing beauty through simplicity and utility. With a rare approach to interior design, Modern Vintage strips all the clutter for a pared back interior style, embracing minimalist living whilst remaining warm and cosy. Natural light is extremely important to this style, using neutral backdrops of white to accentuate light, creating spaces that feel wonderfully spacious and seriously chic. This natural feel means that the style often works best in homes with wooden clad floors, although wall to wall carpet can still work in bedrooms as they exude the cosy feel desired from these spaces.

Modern Vintage furniture is all about wood. Pine and solid oak furniture are rich in lovely light grain colour, capturing the simplicity of natural beauty this style accomplishes so well and giving an airy feel to interior spaces. Even with such light and minimalist design these interiors feel so incredibly homely, embracing the Scandinavian belief of ‘hygge’, roughly translating to ‘cosy living’. Cosiness and warmth is brought through using textiles in moody greys and cooling blues, or deep black for added drama in a classic monochrome theme. My favourite interiors in this style use vibrant, bright colours in multi coloured rugs or even copper and brass home accessories for an amazing pop out effect. 

Colour Combinations 

Going to all the time and effort to repaint a room, then to find you don’t like how it looks, or hasn’t quite worked as you had hoped, is a nightmare situation for any home owner or amateur interior designer. Using colours is one of the most popular and classic methods to give a home a certain mood. Colour trends are a mainstay of interior design and there have definitely been some questionable ones over the years, after all who remembers avocado green bathrooms? Certainly some colour combinations work better than others, with recent colour scheme trends in greys, dark blues and earthy greens showing just how effective integrating colours can be for creating characterful interiors. 

Grey is one of the most versatile colours to work in with all types of interior design, popular in statement pieces like grey corner sofas. Grey possesses a warmth that white does not, at the same time harmonising with other colours to allow them to resonate throughout the room. Pairing different shades with other on trend colours in earthy greens and dark blues creates a very stylish look that works incredibly with wooden furniture. Greens work naturally with wooden pieces, especially in darker grains, giving an illusion of bringing the outdoors inside. 

Blue hues are always an interior designers best friend, this season popular in dark shades of midnight, ink and indigo for backdrops and soft furnishings. Use these darker shades with reclaimed wood furniture and brass accessories for a contemporary and much more dramatic twist on classic nautical interiors. On the other end of the blue spectrum I love the use of azure and teal in neutral coloured rooms, especially when paired with woods and greys. These stunning ocean colours look wonderful in home accessories such as bowls and teal lamp shades or as an accent wall for the bold and adventurous.

Industrial Chic 

Our final interior trend is one that belongs in its own unique category of interior design. What other styles take great measures in to cover and hide, Industrial Chic boldly exposes, displaying structural elements and the edgy beauty of everything raw. Industrial interiors find their roots in warehouse and barn spaces where it seems appropriate to keep the history of the building alive when converting them into spaces purposed for urban living. This design has been increasingly used to style loft apartments and even some modern homes, turning these areas into displays of exposed brickwork, beams, unvarnished wood and ingenious metalwork. These spaces are minimalist but each feature, each piece serves a function and defines the space it occupies.

Industrial chic does not have to be approached as an all or nothing design and despite the distinctive look of industrial pieces, they actually work incredibly well with other interior styles. Interiors that do not possess the architectural features found in warehouse and loft spaces can still achieve the look by incorporating choice elements where form and function are equally important. This style presents a creative opportunity to juxtapose modern with vintage, and raw with refined. Wood and metal make for fantastic interplays of texture and many interiors accomplish this using vintage pieces such as metal and wood bar stools or high shine metallic in copper and chrome. Where walls are concerned, exposed brick is the favourite of statement walls, many modern homes using brick effect wallpapers to achieve this look. Industrial features look best when used in neutral coloured rooms to really make a bold statement about the character of the industrial design. 

Sam - Harley & Lola

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