7th September 2017 Children's bedroom furniture - With a personalised touch!

Check out our top tips for children’s bedroom furniture, indulge their signatures styles and don`t forget the storage.

She lay on the third bed and said, “ This bed is just right”. And so Goldilocks curled up and went straight to sleep... Goldilocks, Robert Southey

A familiar fairy tale, right? Starts off quite normally… three bears, sleeping in beds, eating porridge… but then the twist! Are we really expected to believe the little girl went straight to sleep? Come on, we all know this is the stuff dreams are made of!

Creating a perfect room for little princes and princesses to slip away into a peaceful slumber is perhaps a tad far fetched, but Style The Home can help you create a space they will love during their many hours spent awake.

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Indulge Their Signature Styles...

Embracing a child’s individuality is becoming commonplace across all spectrums, from fashion to education and even extending to interiors.

At Style The Home we believe children’s bedrooms should be designed to fit the needs of the individual. It is their space and a chance for them to channel their own creativity. Kids often have big ideas, but they don’t necessarily come with matching big prices. The best rooms are usually not those which have been designed, but evolved with hand-me -downs, heirlooms and unique creations.

Indulge their whims, allow them space to retreat to their own imagination or watch their artistic talent flourish with a wall reserved to exhibit their creations.

One company which know all about indulging creativity are Fun Furniture Collection, yes the clue is in the title.

The company make a range of bespoke beds, copying iconic vehicles such as the VW Camper and even a London Bus. Imagine the adventures to be enjoyed.

The items are built with longevity in mind, so the bed can be passed down for generations to come.

And finally, remember, enabling your child to curate their own space is an exercise in creativity. It is not a lesson in good taste. Their colour scheme may be crazy, but it’s their colour scheme... let them own it. You never know, it might encourage them to keep it tidy... or is that just another fairy tale.

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Stamp their name all over it…

There is a new obsession in the grown up world for purchasing products that resonate. For adults it is all about emotional value and creating a sense of place. Loosely translated into kids language… it means stamping your name all over everything!

Kids have always loved having personalised items and there has never been a better time to enjoy the trend. Little Lucy Willow specialises in furniture for little people. Most of their collections are made by British craftsman. From brother and sister bunks to space saving cabin beds, Little Lucy Willow invites you to stamp your name all over her products.

Knick Knack Paddy Whack…

Kids love knick knacks, so much so, that you will soon need a dedicated space to store them. When organising the space, put aside your adult sense of style and focus on creating a functional space which will encourage creative play. Choose units made from natural materials which tend to be harder wearing and offer more character. Shhhh, it’s a secret…The fabulous Maggie product from Blue Ticking is also a great way to hide all those bits and bobs, even doubling up as a seat. A true vintage vibe, manufactured in enamel with a ticking seat pad. 

Final Tip!

At Style The Home we really love bespoke one off items… However, if you have just finished decorating your child’s bedroom, may we remind you to remove the marker pens. They may think their wall decorations are a master piece, you may not. 

Elisabeth x

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