24th April 2017 Make Way For Grey

Grey; a colour too often associated with dreary days, ‘blah’ moods, and boring or industrial themes. But why is this? Such connotations have consistently made individuals weary of bringing it into the home, after all no one wants their house to feel dull or uninteresting. Well, I think it is time we give grey a break. Admittedly it's not the most exciting colour, but that is part of the beauty of this most elegant of the neutral shades. It is modest in nature, working in a sophisticated subtlety to highlight the beauty of other colours - complimenting them without demanding attention, lifting their tonal qualities, and offering them centre stage. Simple and unassuming, grey has been continually underestimated, but I am very happy to share with you today that this most humble of colours has started to make its way into our interiors. People are beginning to realise the true extent of the stunning décor possibilities it allows and it is popping up everywhere! Today I am going to share with you some of my favourite ways grey works in the home.


This combination works especially well with medium/darker shades of grey – slate, stone, charcoal, etc. Deeper shades will work perfectly to really make a bright splash of yellow stand out (a colour that can often clash in interiors) or accentuate an ochre/mustard hue. This pairing is fresh and playful, and can bring great energy to a space!

Blog: Grey Interior Design Inspiration


If you are looking to establish a calm and peaceful space think milky/French greys and powder/periwinkle blues. This combination is beautifully subtle; understated and elegant grey allows paler blue shades to come alive rather than shrink in comparison to bolder colours. This cooler pairing works best in a space that receives a fair amount of natural light and one without much clutter. Take a look at this gorgeous grey and blue room.

Blog: Grey Interior Design Inspiration


PINK CONTINUES TO BE ON TREND IN 2017 and it just so happens to work perfectly alongside grey. Sugary, pale pinks next to ash/mink greys is one of my personal favourite looks – delicate and sophisticated it is undeniable. With rose quartz shades in high demand at the minute many of us are looking for a way to introduce this silky, feminine hue into our homes... if this describes you, then I am here to suggest grey! This is a seriously flattering combination and can give you that same peaceful, tranquil feeling of a blue/grey space but with warmer undertones if that suits you more. 

Blog: Grey Interior Design Inspiration

These particular pairings are my favourites, but there are many more colours that work splendidly with grey (lavender, navy, teal, crimson, etc). With far more than ’50 shades of grey’ you are guaranteed to find one that suits you and the colour you wish to combine it with! It is the colour of possibility and diversity, with the ability to mould itself successfully into any design concept. With that being said (and I hope you will agree) isn’t it time to make way for a little grey?!

Anna x

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