26th October 2017 Interior Design Rules To Abide By!

A new school of creativity encourages the wild abandonment of dated interior design rules, championing boundary pushing originality. It is a movement that is echoed in fashion, with Alexandra McQueen once declaring a new style era, celebrating unique individualism.

We are actively advised to introduce mix and matched prints, position vintage charms alongside period items and ditch matching dining chairs for a more eclectic vibe.  Yet whilst the modern mash up aesthetic may be at the forefront of design, some interior design rules are just not made to be broken.

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Rule Number 1

At Style The Home we love the whole mismatched dining chairs idea, the look is purposely undone yet elegantly chic at the same time. However you do need to think about seat height and the comfort of your guests. As a basic guide, dining chairs should typically be 18 inches high at a standard size dining table.

And speaking of chairs, we absolutely love this fabulous dining chair from new Style The Home member, Blue Isle. Manufactured from dark grey linen and weathered oak, the chair would partner well with a reclaimed farmhouse table.

Blue Isle is a family run business which focusses on a contemporary country styling. The products favour a neutral palette, sometimes punctuated with a vintage find.

Deciding how many chairs can be comfortably positioned around a dining table can also be complicated. And if your table is circular, you could end up going round and round! The rule to follow is simple. Find the circumference of your table and divide by 24 for the number of chairs required.

At Style The Home we think this Parabel Dining Table from Onske would be a really cool addition to any home interior. Onske supplies contemporary furniture to commercial and residential clients. Their range features well known designer names such as Noguchi and Eero Saarinen.

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Rule Number 2

Mastering the placement of artwork in the home is a skill all of its’ own. Of course it starts with curating the work itself. Your artwork should reflect your personality and add character to your home. There are no rules about genres, so place fun art work alongside investment pieces and family heirlooms. The difficult part comes in the hanging…

The biggest mistake is to hang artwork too high which can make it look disproportionate. Place over console tables or large pieces of furniture, positioned at eye level.

At Style The Home we love the fun posters retailed by Style The Home favourite, Antikbar. Specialising in original vintage posters depicting everything from propaganda posters to war adverts, finding a favourite can be hard.

NB: If you are struggling to find the right place to hang your new artwork, lean against a wall for a more relaxed vibe.

Rule Number 3

Feng Shui may be perceived as the house healing craze of the 90s, but of course its’ origins are from ancient China. Allegedly the Feng Shui rules are back, if they ever went away at all. Incorporating Feng Shui into the home involves a mindful dressing of space, considering the architecture of energy. The goal is to ensure that this energy can flow freely and basic rules apply.

Are you ready to inject a little Feng Shui into your home?

Organisation is key, don’t let depression and stress breed amongst the dirty laundry.

Stay away from the windows! Ensure your bed is never located beneath a window.

Remove technology from resting spaces.

Remember that colour is closely associated with mood, so choose carefully. 

Elisabeth x

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