19th July 2017 Show Us Your Metal

The integral use of metal in our home furnishings, is really no new thing. Yet the rise in industrial styled living and perhaps even the increasingly popular Brutalist movement, is increasing the visibility of metal in home interiors.

There may be fifty shades of grey, but there are also a fair number of metal colours from which to choose. Is it time to polish up on your brasses? Do you know the difference between a brushed brass and an antique brass? And which do you value more, polished copper or polished nickel?

There is a general rule of thumb, that our metal choices for the home, should reflect our preferences for metals used in jewellery. In basic terms, do you choose gold or silver…or are you an eternal fence sitter, opting out altogether and wearing anything with a rose coloured hue!

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Gold is not always glittered

Whilst glossy golds may be a mainstay in intentionally overly ostentatious interiors, a matte finish will show a little restraint and dial down any preconceptions of gaudiness.

Brushed gold finishes pair perfectly with Art Deco inspired furnishings, particularly for tables. Frequently the metal creates a geometric structure, supporting glass, marble or wooden table tops.

And for those who potentially have splinters in their derriere, a rose gold hue has an even more unique appeal, check out this beautiful rose gold console from Oliver Hayden.

Oliver Hayden, sweetly named after the owner’s children, offers a range of beautiful products for your home interior. Founded by a husband and wife team, the company combines a knowledge of construction, flooring and fashion. The experience shines through the pleasing aesthetic of the products sourced.

NB: Check out this antique brass pendant… perfect for a hallway or living area.

Blog, Style With Metallics - Style The Home


Silver lends a crisp and clean aesthetic to any interior space, think about Corbusier and Eileen Gray who boldly used chrome in their sofas, chaises and tables. It is a cool, contemporary metal, sometimes veering towards a slightly uninviting atmosphere when not used carefully. Of course it is a popular choice of metal in minimalist interiors and contrived office receptions, but it can be warmed up.

The key to using silvery metals in a home interior is to layer with other materials. Soften the style with plush rugs, heavy curtains and many well placed scatter cushions. A soft lighting hue is also advisable.

Of course if you are intentionally seeking an austere interior atmosphere, steel is a natural… Well actually no it isn’t, for steel is a composite, but we are allowing a little licence for the sake of beautiful interiors. Check out this fabulous steel hall stand by Onske.

Onske is an online retailer of designer furniture and quirky finds. The stand lends itself to loft style living, carefully rested against a back drop of exposed brickwork and pipes.

Bronze Age

A popular ancient metal, you can bring bronze into the home in a non committal way. Rather than opting for large table consoles or intrusive bronze room dividers, pay attention to the smaller details. Introduce with use in mirrors, ornaments or vases. Effective, but easily changeable!

Back to black 

And finally, perhaps black offers the easiest way to introduce metal furniture into your home. It is fabulously versatile and ambiguous. For a cool, Parisian influenced vibe, opt for a powder coated finish, understated but undeniably beautiful. 

Elisabeth x

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