12th June 2017 Mirror, mirror on my wall

Beyond the functionality of a regular looking glass, a mirror should reflect the style of the person it sees. An essential statement piece in an entrance hallway or elegant lounge, mirrors are a key component of the interior designers tool kit. A mirror is a solution to a range of problems, amplifying light and space.

Finding the fairest of all mirrors is no mean feat, but at Style The Home we have never been scared of a challenge. Let’s step through the looking glass and find out our top mirror finds.


Mirrors of oversized proportions can morph as wall art. They lend a focal point to the room and can bring style to transitional areas including hallways and first floor landings. In the past few years there has been a penchant for sunburst style mirrors. Originally reserved for the upmarket abodes of Mayfair and Chelsea, the style filtered down into mainstream interiors.

We adore this alternative spin on the style by Hidden Mill. The square shaped mirror surrounded by spikes creates an industrial vibe and perhaps this is intentional for a company based in an old factory building.

Hidden Mill, is a bespoke furniture company. Whilst their webpage features a range of products, the designers are keen for the end results to be decided by the customers, with options for colours, sizes and specification all done by request.


Art Deco style edits are currently in abundance. Synonymous with monochrome floors and accents of gold, the Art Deco style was also fond of geometric shapes. From patterned wall papers and paneling, to fabrics and flooring, geometry was big! Of course your home interior does not have to completely submit to Art Deco and this stunning mirror from Lime Lace would look great in any contemporary setting.

Style The Home love the motto of Lime Lace. They truly believe “home is where the heart is” and want your home to reflect your personality. Company founder, Samantha King felt fatigued by the lack of individualism when faced with mass produced interiors. She took it upon herself to establish something more eclectic, quirky even!

It takes two….

Fireplace mirrors are traditionally hung centrally. Digressing from this format might raise eyebrows, unless done carefully. For a more slender profile in elegant rooms, two slimline mirrors either side of the fireplace is an intriguing look. Challenge the natural focal point with the addition of an oversized chandelier or stand alone sculpture.

Or is three actually the magic number?

Three is often known as the magic number when it comes to interior design and it certainly packs a punch when it comes to mirrors. Positioning three elongated mirrors in a row transforms vacant wall space. The styling of the mirrors should be kept simplistic, think large mirror area with a small rim. Leave plenty of wall space between the mirrors and enjoy the illusion of additional space.

And finally…

Reflective surfaces have a range of benefits, but it does not always have to be in the form of a mirror. If your space has limited viable walls, consider mirrored furniture in the form of side boards or cabinetry. You could also opt for a stand alone mirror which will ultimately bring a more vintage appeal to the styling.

Whilst finding the perfect mirror is key, positioning is equally important. Mirrors near doorways should be centrally positioned and the same applies to mirrors hanging over console tables or fireplaces. And where you position mirrors in a row, take care with alignment. 

Elisabeth x

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