27th June 2017 Are you ready for an Art Deco shaped curve ball?

If a decision between minimalist and brutalist interior design, presents you with a rock and hard place type dilemma, why not choose to take inspiration from a different wave of tastemakers, who prefer to indulge in a grandeur with an all that glitters type mentality.

The curve ball we throw you, is of course scattered with geometric adornment. From tables to chairs, Art Deco curves were frequently accompanied by harder vertical or horizontal lines. Found scattered in gilded dressing rooms, chairs gave way to the more popular daybed… upholstered with leopard and completed with a cigarette smoking starlet reclining upon it!

This signature aesthetic can be realised with a floor to ceiling makeover, or you may prefer to make simple design edits.

Get the look!

Console yourself!

The key to perfecting Art Deco, is to recreate Hollywood glamour without any added kitsch. The perfect positioning of a geometrical console under an angular mirror, reflects the trending style of the 20's.

Owners at Oliver Hayden, have carefully curated a range of beautiful items for the home. The family run business have honed their skills in seeking out winning interior products, including this attractive Geometric Console.

The rose hued metal base structure is typical of the era, whilst tempered glass flashes a hint of green to finish off.

Back in the 1920's, fashion, decor and design in general was perhaps restricted to the elite. However by the 1930's, mass production ensured the appeal of artistic talent could be enjoyed by everyone. Oliver Hayden reflects the ethos that beautiful design is for everybody, offering a credit solution which will enable you to spread the cost of your splurge over monthly payments.

Additionally, if you can’t find what you are looking for, the company will also actively seek out the item on your behalf…

The art of Art Deco!

It is easy to forget that the true home of Art Deco inspiration actually originates in Europe. Yet as tourism started to bloom, the style crossed continents. America was quick to add a style spin, with a penchant for highly stylised skyscrapers and pastel shaded residences lining the South Beach area, laden with sculptures and wall arts.

Add some vintage artwork appeal with these authentic posters from online specialists Antikbar.

What started out as a hobby for founder Kirill Kalinin, has quickly developed into a lucrative business. Inspired by the composition of the colour and shape of bygone posters, Antikbar stocks a wide range of original vintage lithographs of iconic posters advertising high profile events.

Check out this Venice poster


And finally, the Style The Home team set you a challenge!  We have already highlighted that back in the height of Art Deco styling, travel was becoming big business. It was no coincidence that grand interiors were awash with antiques from far flung spaces or that floors were adorned with animal skins! Of course nowadays, we rightly would raise an ethical eyebrow at real leopardskin soft furnishings… but why not copy the concept and create something unique of your own?

On your travels this summer, we challenge you to take pictures, collect materials and seek out hidden treasures to enhance your own interior! On your return, why not share your pictures with us and let us know how you are creating your own version of Art Deco inspired interiors. 

Elisabeth x

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