2nd November 2017 Handcrafted Giftware For Christmas


It’s almost that time of the year - advent calendars, Christmas decorations and of course gifts! We understand finding original gifts for loved ones can prove to be a challenge. Whether it’s a gift for a friend, partner or the little ones; we’ve got you covered this Christmas. Our exceptional collection of handcrafted gifts provide our customers with individual and personalised items not found anywhere else.

Musical Yellow Chair - Aorta

The perfect gift, every time

Our handcrafted gifts can be customised to your liking, from jewellery boxes and photo-frames to handbags, satchels and toys, we can design, source and customise your items to create memorable gifts for your loved ones.

Cork Cushions - Aorta

Free engraving

We are also offering free engraving on any product commissioned or bought from us this Christmas. Our exclusive service enables customers to inscribe messages or images onto almost any material including wood, slate, brick, stone, marble and fabric. In order to guarantee Christmas delivery, orders must be made on or before 15th November. 

Plant Holders - Aorta

A little bit about us

Aorta is a proprietary brand that expresses art in luxury living. We produce exquisite interiors, bespoke furniture and commissioned art. Our experience and qualifications in architecture enable us to do more than interior design. Going above and beyond the call of design, we transform spaces into stylish and comfortable environments. Our designs maximize the potential of the room, increasing the visual impact and emotive response for you and your guests.

To enquire please email: info@TheHeartofArt.com or visit The Heart of Art

Aorta The Heart Of Art x

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