25th January 2017 Greenery

Green is one of the interior design trends for 2017, a fantastic hue that has so much inspiration and promise.  Pantone are leading the way with their chosen colour of the year, ‘Greenery’. If you haven’t already seen the colour, it is refreshing, immersive and vibrant; however one that is best used sparingly.

The green colour spectrum can positively impact our mental wellbeing, evoking positive emotions, such as enthusiasm. For those who aren’t an avid green fan, try exploring the huge range. You might find an unusual shade that fits perfectly in your home; and with green symbolizing healthy living, what better reason do you need to give this colour a try?


Blog: Greenery - Interior Design Inspiration, Pantone Colour Of The Year

(Lime Lace)

The ‘Greenery’ trend means plants are in!  Plants are a fantastic way of adding colour into an interior, with the added advantage of making it a healthier place to live.  There are a variety of houseplants that will thrive inside, such as Palms and Ferns. To take ‘Greenery’ further, why not look into installing a living green wall, helping to improving the air quality and at the same time creating a fabulous feature. If this doesn’t enthuse you, there are gorgeous, green wallpaper designs on the market, inspired by nature to create detailed, striking patterns. 

Neutral colours such as grey and white, as well as natural materials such as wood and slate compliment green hues beautifully; creating a well-balanced colour scheme. Inject some green into the Kitchen or Cloakroom by installing some plain or elaborate splashbacks, forming a point of interest.


Blog: Greenery - Interior Design Inspiration, Pantone Colour Of The Year

(The Little Tile Company)


Prefer to inject colour into you rooms on a temporary basis? This can be achieved by adding finishing touches such as green curtains, scatter cushions and throws. Alternatively pick and choose a selection of green ornaments, hand-sized paintings, photographs and glassware to showcase on neutral shelving. This splendid chair creates consistency and individuality, as well as being on trend.


Blog: Greenery - Interior Design Inspiration, Pantone Colour Of The Year

Rose & Grey


Here are just some ways to spruce up your home. If you feel it is time for a bit of a change, I hope this inspires you to look at green in an optimistic way and that you embrace an uplifting, trendy green for 2017.

Phillipa x

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