12th July 2017 Welcome to Eden

A palette of green punctuated with raspberry tones and woody layers…! It may seem like a well rehearsed sentence to capture the essence of a design led interior, but this is the backdrop of nature… Just waiting for you to put your style stamp all over it!

Outdoor living has a unique appeal for those who are easily bored with their interior choices. Seasonal shifts create an ever changing backdrop of colour and light. A backdrop just waiting to be punctuated with your design choices.

We will of course leave the flower and the fauna to the green fingered, our touches are designed to simply complete the scene, creating an atmospheric space for some well earned R and R.

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Blue Sky Thinking

The British can be commended for their continued enthusiasm for long summer nights, spent lazing away in a hammock, lulled to sleep by the evening bird song, whilst the pinkish sun sets upon another hot day…

Of course the truth is rather different and therefore we need to make careful choices about the furniture materials we choose for our gardens. For smaller spaces, a dining table with surrounding chairs will be the natural focal point of the area. Svelte metal furniture can lend an Art Deco vibe, the heavy weight also meaning it is resistant to a January storm, which frequently blows in July. Of course wood is also a natural choice for outdoor dining areas. Whilst requiring some care, wood ages beautifully and the silvery hue of ageing teak enhances the original beauty of the furniture.

In the fulllight of day

Never under estimate the power of natural daylight and how it can make or break the atmosphere in your garden.  Think about the shadow at different times of day and how this might influence your arrangement of seating, tables and umbrellas... for the sun of course.

Whilst nature is naturally beautiful, she is never one to shun a little accentuation. As the sun fades away, we turn our thoughts to lighting. Whilst soft wall lighting might cover the practical side, there can be nothing more magical than the natural flicker of candle light in the great outdoors…

Welcome to The Orchard, a company focussed on supplying the best of British design for the home and garden. The company sell a wide range of outdoor lanterns, from small Moroccan inspired styles to contemporary stainless steel varieties, finished with hinged door and carrying handle.

Of course for those who seek lighting with ultimate elegance, a candelabra used for outside dining is uniquely magical, whilst perhaps a tad indulgent.

Take the comfort of the indoors out

The great British summers have made us a dab hand at bringing the outside in. However aptly named company, Botanical Cushions is urging us to take the comfort of the indoors out!

Botanical Cushions! Stunningly designed with patterns of blue Agapanthus, green Agave and Orange Gazania, (extra kudos if you know what we are talking about). Not only are these cushions beautiful to behold, they also have a fab story behind them. Botanical Cushions was born on the back of photographs taken on the owners travels. Even more brilliantly, the company decided not to reserve the beauty for the indoors and have created a range of waterproof cushions. Far too often, we see a penchant for overly bland soft accessories used in gardens, but Botanical Cushions are shaking that concept right up… shop now!

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