21st September 2017 How ethical are your home interior choices?

A Style The Home Guide to ethical home interior choices.

Flat packed! Stacked High! Mass Produced! Delve a little deeper and the ethics of “fast furniture” don’t always leave us sitting comfortably on our newly purchased sofa.

Of course disposable furniture is still a big industry and there are a lot of things to like. It is cheap, aesthetically pleasing and easily replaceable when it goes out of vogue. The problems creep in when we start to think about the damage mass production causes, including landfill and sustainability. And then we start to search for something which speaks to us on a more individual level.

Style The Home champions companies who retail products which are one-off designs, handcrafted or support small communities. Let’s celebrate some of the best…

Ethical Home Interiors

Impala Collection

The Impala Collection celebrates the artisanal roots of Zimbabwe craftspeople. Each product is handpicked by owner Beth and sold via her webpage, offering a platform for people to trade their items to the world.

Being born in Zimbabwe, Beth understands the troubles the country has faced. She works under Fair Trade principles which ensures fair wages and no child labour.

So let’s get down to the good stuff… We love the entire Impala collection but there are a few pieces which just demand your attention. Starting with this handmade serving bowl and spoon set in the Elephant Bottom Design. Manufactured in recycled aluminium, this item is a great conversation starter.

Celebrating one of a kind items, this lovely wall hook is guaranteed to bring a certain vibrancy to your home. Each item is made by hand and might vary in terms of colour and materials, ensuring you own something different to everyone else.

Loop The Loop

With a love of all things design, Laura from Loop the Loop had a very clear vision when it came to sourcing items for her fabulous online shop, they needed to have a timeless quality, be well designed and well made.

The products are quirky, often made to order and sometimes a complete one-off, just like this fabulous rustic wooden wall cupboard. Intentionally battered looking, the item creates a characterful storage space which would be well suited within a French inspired country kitchen. The worn pattina is winning, do not paint.

NB: If you find a product you love, snap it up! When these products are gone, they are gone.

Feather & Nest

Their mission is simple, to retail quirky products which tell a story and are ethically made. Feather and Nest are lucky to have a physical store in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, but if you are not in the area, you can shop online.

Feather and Nest retail many fabulous items but Style The Home have some product highlights.

We just love this Fringed Cushion Raven by Raine and Humble. Produced in India, the products are manufactured using traditional dying methods and all employees are paid fair wages and work in ideal conditions.

At Style The Home we understand the pull towards fast furniture, it is a quick fix solution. However, if you take the time to look beyond tomorrow, we should all be purchasing with conscience and thus enjoying our furniture for longer.

Happy Shopping!

Style The Home x

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