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As a highly malleable, multifunctional, and durable material with a long standing connection to construction projects, it can be easy to dismiss Copper as just another structural component. True, this material possesses multiple properties that lend themselves brilliantly to architectural engineering, but it also retains certain characteristics that allow it to enter the interior space successfully, as well as elevate the style factor of a room!

Copper has burst into the interior design scene in a shimmering bang and its increasing popularity is undeniable; filtering from top designers to the high street, it seems everywhere you look shops are filled with copper accessories for the home. You may be asking yourself… why copper? Well, I am here to show you just how brilliantly adaptable this material can be and how it can become a positive addition to any space, regardless of design concept!

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Copper as a metal is extremely versatile. For those magpies out there, you can find highly polished copper accessories with a shiny, reflective finish – or alternatively (if your personal style lends itself to the rustic look) you have the choice of a more matte, subdued finish. Whatever you choose, the seductive, rosy hue of copper and its unique chromatic appeal adds a stunning aesthetic to any space and I would urge you to leave any preconceptions you have of this material at the door. When it comes to successfully introducing copper into the home, as with almost all elements, I would advise starting small. A few copper accessories here or there to begin/or one copper focal point means you can build upon a room until you are satisfied with your look; too many copper additions can make a room appear more like a cluttered workshop than a living space. I have compiled here a few ideas of how to insert this charming element into the home, demonstrating its fantastic range of appearance and application!


The red/orange undertones of copper work particularly well with soft colours; beiges, whites, greys, pale pinks, blues and greens, etc. One of my personal favourite combinations (currently very in fashion) is that of metallic copper with dusty, sugary pinks. The blush of the pink really comes alive with the warm, metallic glow of copper and they complement each other beautifully – establishing a soft feel with a hint of glamour. In terms of texture, think raw, more natural materials. Wooden furnishings contrast the subtle chromatic shine of copper, as does marble – although there is no need to feel restricted, copper accents can work well with a diverse range of textiles including concrete, brick, suede, velvet, mohair, etc. The key thing to remember, as with most interior trends, is aesthetic balance. If something doesn’t appeal to the eye, don’t force it!

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When it comes to accessorising your home with copper accents, you are faced with an almost overwhelming choice of products. Don’t be put off though, it can be relatively simple! If you are looking for understated copper additions/want to incorporate this ‘on trend’ metal without making it a focal point, try introducing simple items into the home that you can play around with in terms of position and number; vases, terrariums, photo frames etc. are great introductory pieces. Spaced appropriately around a room they can effectively add new depth and interest to a space. If you are feeling a tad bolder, try adding larger pieces that can become focal points, such as chairs, sinks, taps, tables – or my personal favourite, lighting fixtures. Functional and diverse, copper lighting fixtures not only add artistic presence to a home, but the reflective glow they produce successfully enhances the natural warmth and undertones intrinsic to the copper material.


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Whether you love cooking or not, everyone loves a stylish kitchen! In terms of kitchenware you cannot go wrong with copper. Its practicality is undeniable; copper pots and pans are utilized by top chefs universally thanks to their superior heat conductivity and functional weight – and if this doesn’t spark your interest, just take a look at the beautiful kitchens over on Pinterest displaying copper kitchenware! Whether you use the products for their intended function or secretly just love the authentic, professional look they depict, copper in the kitchen space just works!


I hope I have given you some inspiration! If you are intrigued by the seductive copper glow and want to find out more, head over to Style the Home’s Pinterest Page where we have a board dedicated entirely to copper in the home! With a fabulous wealth of functional and aesthetic qualities, you won’t regret bringing this increasingly popular metal into your living space – its soft and charming rosy hue has certainly captivated me!

Anna x


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