28th May 2017 Make Life A Beach

Beach living is the best living. Soothing to the senses and uplifting for the soul! A perfect palette of sun, sea, sand and sky. Instantly calming, insanely invigorating, life… as they say, is so much better at the beach. 

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside, but we can’t all up sticks and runaway to the sea. Yet the aesthetics of a beach side bolthole can easily be anchored in our very own homes. So whether you live in Glasgow or Gloucester, we have the best tips and tricks to bring coastal charm direct to your doorstep. 

Natural Materials 

Cliched statements tend to result in cliched interiors, but when we talk about bringing the outside in, we mean to do it in a literal sense. Sourcing drift wood from nearby beaches allows you to take a collected approach to your beachy inspired space. Allow driftwood to unleash your imagination and utilise for tables, lamps, stools, racks or candle holders. 

At Style The Home we happen to know a fabulous retailer who has already curated a collection of all things coastal, including driftwood decorations. 

Aptly named online retailer, The Coastal Company have a range of products inspired by the beautiful coastline. Living in beautiful Devon, Katie and Nick may have a front row seat at the seaside, but they are willing to share their finds with you. 

Discover their beautiful driftwood wreaths

Nautical Stripes 

Stripes are a key component for a coastal inspired interior and can be easily introduced with soft furnishings. Bring the stripe into your home with scatter cushions, throws or curtains. For a more subtle look, opt for wash out denim or faded stripes. 

Laura at Loop the Loop interiors has the eye for sourcing beautiful soft furnishings and at Style The Home we adore their linen striped cushions. The items are luxuriously handmade and are plumped by duck feather. Laura quite rightly highlights that these products work well within an interior inspired by the French countryside, but they’re also beach ready.

Earn yourself some extra style stripes with these traditional seaside deckchairs

Mayfly Vintage offerings continually change. There is nothing contrived about Mayfly Vintage as each item is authentic. So when you see an item you like, snap it up! From time to time Mayfly Vintage also offer lighting from old ships… keep watch! 

Dip a toe in the water

Do you love the idea of a crisp white aesthetic punctuated with pastel blues, greens and yellow? But do you steer away from treasure trove interiors, filled with porthole mirrors and lighthouse lamps. Creating a beach styled retreat does not have to feel contrived and you can allude to the theme, without the addition of anchors and ships in a bottle. 

Allow your interior to create a mood. By the very nature of the sea, coastal homes are quick to weather and the refusal to replace patinated textures, allows coastal homes to have a carefree relaxed vibe. Celebrate the imperfections with the introduction of galvanised metal, weathered paint-work. 

Unleash cabin fever with washed out tongue and groove panelling. Stripped back woody surfaces create a great backdrop for your style and we just adore whitewashed floors. Woodpecker Flooring are a company based in Wales. With years of industry knowledge, Woodpecker floors ensure your home interior looks better for longer, as they offer a 25 year warranty. Check out their range now

Of course taking the grown up approach to beach chic should not be cold. And a popular alternative to hard wood flooring is sisal. Sisal is popular for coastal stylings, bringing natural texture into the home. Sisal is both fashionable and functional, the neutral colourings allows you to play with pops of colour, without committing too much. And just like wooden floorings, sisal also lends a lived in vibe, completing a space reserved for rest and relaxation. 

Start planning your coastal interior today!

Elisabeth x

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