14th December 2017 Christmas Tableware Checklist

At Christmas time, many good hosts are keen to keep up with the Joneses. And at Style The Home we think if there is ever room for aspirational ambitions, this is the season, especially when it comes to Christmas tableware.

Christmas dinner is a very special meal, which only comes but once a year, so we really should go that extra mile. Whilst you may have the tableware basics covered, we have a few extra suggestions to make turn a great Christmas dinner, into a grandiose affair that nobody will ever forget.

Checkout the Style The Home members which will make sure your Christmas table looks the absolute business.

Christmas tableware ideas

Cotswold Trading

Style The Home were thrilled to welcome Cotswold Trading as a member just two months ago. Whilst largely being a destination store based in beautiful rural villages, their carefully curated products are also available to buy through their online shop.

The site has dedicated a special tab for Christmas tableware, with offerings from many well know designers. And at Style The Home we just love this porcelain oval star plate, by Rader. At Christmas, serving canapés before dinner nods towards the culinary experience your guests can look forward to. Whilst it is nice for a canapé plate to blend with over tableware, it is not usually placed on the table, so this is your excuse to get playful.

Den and Now

The pinnacle of your carefully placed tableware is undoubtedly the centrepiece. A candelabra is possibly the most magical, spreading a warm glamorous glow across the table. Of course a candelabra does warrant a certain amount of space and if you have a big family requiring emergency chairs… a grand candelabra may not be an option.

The Den and Now understand that space is often a limitation and they offer the perfect alternative centrepiece in the form of these stunning vintage brass candlesticks. The item comes as a pair, just add a coloured candle to compliment the rest of your table.

Christmas dining table ideas

Harley and Lola

Harley and Lola are knocking it out of the park when it comes to accessorising your Christmas Table. They know all the essential ingredients including fancy nut bowls and treat platters. They also know a few things about a good cheeseboard.

For children the most exciting Christmas table accessory is usually the “crackers” and of course you cannot have crackers without cheese. Presentation is key when it comes to a winning chessboard so let us get you off to a fine start with this ornate offering from Harley and Lola. Beautifully rustic, a matching knife is also available.

Anything else? Also keep an eye out for eye catching placemats, carving sets, and display stands.

Happy Christmassing! x

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