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Blog: How To Bring Nature In To Your Home

bring nature in to your home

Making your home a home/feeling ‘at home’/creating a spot of your own is all about establishing your roots; firmly, yet delicately intertwining your personality into your space. Alas, it is true that this is not always easily accomplished and many of us find it a struggle – after all, design choices can be seemingly infinite, but there is one element I believe can be incorporated into every home… beneficial to any design concept and with the added bonus of positively impacting your personal health, mind set and overall wellbeing you simply cannot go wrong with plants. So much ‘artificial’ design is based on Mother Nature’s prototypal arrangements and patterns, the original template for the interior is the exterior, so why not combine the two?

I consider myself a nature lover in all respects, and with circumstances requiring me to live in an inner city flat I often find myself feeling trapped in the urban jungle and all it harbours. The odd local park scattered around helps, but I have managed to sooth myself notably by bringing nature into my home and I would urge you to do the same. Wanting to share this with you, I realised I cannot simply write about my precious pot plants and share which new floral bouquet has made it to my favourite vase on my kitchen windowsill this week... so, I have done my research. With far too many hours spent scrolling Pinterest, and four new garden centres visited (all for strict investigative research of course) I have come up with a compiled list of some of my favourite ways in which one can display nature in the home.

Indoor Herb Garden - Blog: Bring Nature Indoors - Style The Home

Indoor Herb Gardens

Herb gardens are a fab way to inject some life into a space, especially in the kitchen. Practical for cooking, pleasing to the eye and versatile in terms of display you cannot go wrong. I love being creative in the home and putting my own spin on things, and herb gardens give you the opportunity to do just that! Check out this unique and clever arrangement.

Improvising unused furnishings

One of the great things about plants is the massive spectrum from which you can pick and choose – meaning that no matter the size or shape of the space you wish to fill, there will be a plant to fit it! Such wonderful adaptability allows for one to make use of furnishings that they had perhaps written off – take a look at this inspiring, reworked item which has been given a new purpose/ new life thanks to nature’s greenery!


If you are all about hand crafted design, then you need look no further. The portfolio for DIY plant display is vast and exciting, ranging from simple potting ideas with everyday materials to hanging displays with dynamic arrangements. Visit our Pinterest page for a few examples of how one can integrate nature into the home via handmade methods.

Of course, not all of us are ‘do-it-yourself’ kind of people, and there are plenty of pre-made furnishings available for plant display. There is also an extensive amount of plant pots/planters out there that come in all materials, shapes, colours and sizes… and here is where I get excited. I may have a slight addiction to plant pots, and admittedly own more than I do plants… why? Possibly because I have no self-control, but I like to think it is because I have an eye for design and when I see something unique and fabulous I must take it home! The beauty of planters is that you can always find one that matches your design concept and personality (I myself appear to have found many more than one that does this!). Look at this fabulously individualistic set to demonstrate what I mean.

Basically what I am getting at here is that if you want to establish an organic feel, add colour/textural points of interest, enhance your design concept, and inject a touch of character and visual stimulation, I would strongly urge you to bring nature into your home. The plants themselves will do this, but with the added possibility to play with display and experiment with planters you can truly transform a space! It’s time to embrace the exterior in your interior, get back to our roots and let Mother Nature’s conception interlace with your own.

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