28th September 2017 Accessorising with abstract art and other cool artefacts!

A guide on choosing cool art work to complement your home interior.

“Creative Processes!  Thematic Collections!  Studying the fragility of natural resources….”

The typical murmurings of an art gallery, laden with art enthusiasts buzzing around a new collection! And of course the type of poetic artsy statements that leave many of us feeling rather inadequate…

Yet artwork is intended to be enjoyed, not something to be feared. And as Bils and Rye co owner Nick Bentley eloquently suggests, the focus should be on the aesthetic and finish, not on the theory. Art is for everyone, it is about understanding what you like, how it makes you feel and working that vibe into your interior.

Style The Home are extremely happy to welcome new member Bils and Rye. With an extensive online gallery and a physical shop in North Yorkshire, this is a great place to start your own art collection. The range includes a variety of ceramics, paintings and sculptures. The gallery displays work from well known artists including Simon Gudgeon and Paul Harvey.

Accessorising With Art - Style The Home Blog

Top Tips For Displaying Your New Art Work

Do I need to match the artwork to my interior?

No! First and foremost the artwork should be something that you love. Complementing tones is ideal.

Where should I position my sculpture?

You need to consider practical implications, so the sculpture should not block door ways or walk ways. However take care not to place in a crowded space. Artwork should be positioned with negative space around, allowing the full drama of the piece to be felt.

Can you mix and match genres of art?

There are no rules. Indeed placing an abstract item alongside a classic... can be intriguing!

Accessorising With Art - Style The Home Blog

Purchasing Power

For most artists, their work is about capturing a moment or expressing feelings and emotion. And they want to transfer those experiences to their audience. Of course for well known artists this can come with a hefty price tag… yet other cool artefacts can work in the same way, but without the attached expense.

Introducing Genuinely Ginger… a company willing you to “go on an adventure” or “take the scenic route”. There is a great story behind the handcrafted gifts they retail and therefore we think their wooden message boards are the perfect artefacts for your home.

Way back when, Jos and Jess met in a University cafeteria. Now a married couple, their products are designed to fill homes with items that tell stories. The couple live in an Airstream trailer, Jos is now attending Med School and the pair still have ambitious plans for their Genuinely Ginger business…

Final Tips

Art is a personal choice. Whether you prefer paintings or sculptures, the piece should make you fall in love or possibly be something which has sentimental value for you.

If you have a large piece of art which you really love, why not build your interior around it. Never purchase art to fit in with an existing interior.

Don’t worry about what other people think. If you love it, then it is a good purchase. 

Elisabeth x

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