19th October 2017 5 Easy Ways To Update Your Home Office

Not all office spaces were created equal! A sentiment which is definitely highlighted by the office of Google or Facebook, fully loaded with slides, romance pods and cool break out rooms.

Of course we cannot all aspire to the style heights of Google and it is most unlikely that your home office will even have room to push the scooter... Jokes aside, your home office is the epicentre of your empire and it should emit a design statement which shows you are ready to conquer the world.

Are you ready for a makeover?

Light Office Inspiration

Will you be burning the midnight oil?

For early morning starts and late nights, you need to ensure the lighting is fit for purpose. Of course an overhead fitting will give general light but a desk light is essential. There has been a recent trend for industrial style table lamps in steely greys, but why follow the trend when you can set one.

Browsing the fabulous lamps of Style The Home member Abode, provides plenty of inspiration. Based in Brighton, Abode also retails online,offering a beautifully edited collection of homewares and furnishings.

We love this fun Hugo Table Copper Lamp with concrete base.

NB: The Hugo Table Copper Lamp can also be fitted with a shade for an alternative look.

Treat for the feet…

Do you remember those long days with feet squeezed into formal footwear? Well those days are behind you and one of the best things about working from home, has to be the opportunity to go barefoot. So bring in a little warmth with a well placed rug…

Do I need to adhere to a clean desk policy?

The dynamic work space is all about hot desking, which leaves little room for inspiring table top adornments. Yet whilst an organised desk is beneficial for productivity, intelligent accessorising is sensible. Think about a desk organiser for essentials such as staples, tape, paperclips and so on.

Office Shelving Ideas

But don’t forget you will need some storage space…

By now we are supposed to have embraced the paperless office, but in reality that has not happened. Leaving paperwork strewn across a desk can give you the unnerving feeling of being unorganised, so let’s stylishly file things away.

Filing cabinets are functional, but they’re not really fun. Think about opting for an industrialised book shelf which can store paperwork as well as decorative items.

Check out this fails offering from Vincent and Barn.

Vincent and Barn was named after the owners two dogs. As a company their focus has been centred around handmade industrial style products. The items are built to last and genuinely get better with age.

Any finally…

This is your workplace so surround yourself with things which make you happy. Splurge a little cash on making the space perfect, it will pay you back by increasing your productivity and helping you realise your career dreams.

Elisabeth x

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