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25th January 2017 written by Phillipa

Green is one of the interior design trends for 2017, a fantastic hue that has so much inspiration and promise.  Pantone are leading the way with their chosen colour of the year, ‘Greenery’. If you haven’t already seen the colour, it is refreshing, immersive and vibrant; however one that is best used sparingly.

The green colour spectrum can positively impact our mental wellbeing, evoking positive emotions, such as enthusiasm. For those who aren’t an avid green fan, try exploring the huge range. You might find an unusual shade that fits perfectly in your home; and with green symbolizing healthy living, what better reason do you need to give this colour a try?


(Image sourced from Pinterest)


The ‘Greenery’ trend means plants are in!  Plants are a fantastic way of adding colour into an interior, with the added advantage of making it a healthier place to live.  There are a variety of houseplants that will thrive inside, such as Palms and Ferns. To take ‘Greenery’ further, why not look into installing a living green wall, helping to improving the air quality and at the same time creating a fabulous feature. If this doesn’t enthuse you, there are gorgeous, green wallpaper designs on the market, inspired by nature to create detailed, striking patterns.


(Lime Lace)


Neutral colours such as grey and white, as well as natural materials such as wood and slate compliment green hues beautifully; creating a well-balanced colour scheme. Inject some green into the Kitchen or Cloakroom by installing some plain or elaborate splashbacks, forming a point of interest.


(The Little Tile Company)


Prefer to inject colour into you rooms on a temporary basis? This can be achieved by adding finishing touches such as green curtains, scatter cushions and throws. Alternatively pick and choose a selection of green ornaments, hand-sized paintings, photographs and glassware to showcase on neutral shelving. This splendid bench creates consistency and individuality, as well as being on trend.


(Image sourced from Pinterest)


Here are just some ways to spruce up your home. If you feel it is time for a bit of a change, I hope this inspires you to look at green in an optimistic way and that you embrace an uplifting, trendy green for 2017.

Phillipa x

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Welcome Phillipa

8th January 2017 written by Phillipa (1 comment)

Hello everyone!

I am Phillipa and it is my pleasure to introduce myself to Style The Home’s Interior Design community! I am very much looking forward to blogging about new styles, trends and of course new and upcoming Interior Design companies.

A little bit about me:

I have experience in Exhibition and Corporate Hospitality, where I worked as a Junior Designer. More recently I have worked on a residential renovation project and completed my Masters Degree in Interior Design. All of which I have thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a great deal. Writing for Style The Home gives me the opportunity to share with all of you aspects of Interior Design that I appreciate and want to endorse.

On a personal level I have always enjoyed being creative; I love to paint, draw, and some might say generally make a bit of a mess; my easel has it’s work cut out. In my free time I find there is always space for a bit rejuvenating yoga, and a good home cooked meal, as I am a bit of a foodie. Ok, well, a lot of a foodie…my most recent baking creation was a four-tier red velvet cake, which it would have been rude not to help eat! 

My Design Values:

On an individual level I am a fan of ‘less is more’. Yes I know it’s hard to achieve because there are so many beautiful and amazing styles in this world, and of course there is always the dreaded clutter - but we can hide that. They say the easy choice isn’t always the right choice, and this is a great motto for designing an interior.  My favourite style of interior is one that is personal to the occupants, designed around their personalities and beliefs. This creates an individual environment that suits their lifestyle, whatever that may be.

I also discuss my own value of design and creativity on my newly released blog. Check it out here!

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas with you in January, in the mean time have a Fabulous New Year!

Phillipa x


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Cool Copper

3rd November 2016 written by Anna (1 comment)

As a highly malleable, multifunctional, and durable material with a long standing connection to construction projects, it can be easy to dismiss Copper as just another structural component. True, this material possesses multiple properties that lend themselves brilliantly to architectural engineering, but it also retains certain characteristics that allow it to enter the interior space successfully, as well as elevate the style factor of a room!

Copper has burst into the interior design scene in a shimmering bang and its increasing popularity is undeniable; filtering from top designers to the high street, it seems everywhere you look shops are filled with copper accessories for the home. You may be asking yourself… why copper? Well, I am here to show you just how brilliantly adaptable this material can be and how it can become a positive addition to any space, regardless of design concept!

Copper as a metal is extremely versatile. For those magpies out there, you can find highly polished copper accessories with a shiny, reflective finish – or alternatively (if your personal style lends itself to the rustic look) you have the choice of a more matte, subdued finish. Whatever you choose, the seductive, rosy hue of copper and its unique chromatic appeal adds a stunning aesthetic to any space and I would urge you to leave any preconceptions you have of this material at the door. When it comes to successfully introducing copper into the home, as with almost all elements, I would advise starting small. A few copper accessories here or there to begin/or one copper focal point means you can build upon a room until you are satisfied with your look; too many copper additions can make a room appear more like a cluttered workshop than a living space. I have compiled here a few ideas of how to insert this charming element into the home, demonstrating its fantastic range of appearance and application!

(Image sourced from Pinterest)


The red/orange undertones of copper work particularly well with soft colours; beiges, whites, greys, pale pinks, blues and greens, etc. One of my personal favourite combinations (currently very in fashion) is that of metallic copper with dusty, sugary pinks. The blush of the pink really comes alive with the warm, metallic glow of copper and they complement each other beautifully – establishing a soft feel with a hint of glamour. In terms of texture, think raw, more natural materials. Wooden furnishings contrast the subtle chromatic shine of copper, as does marble – although there is no need to feel restricted, copper accents can work well with a diverse range of textiles including concrete, brick, suede, velvet, mohair, etc. The key thing to remember, as with most interior trends, is aesthetic balance. If something doesn’t appeal to the eye, don’t force it!

(Image sourced from Pinterest)


When it comes to accessorising your home with copper accents, you are faced with an almost overwhelming choice of products. Don’t be put off though, it can be relatively simple! If you are looking for understated copper additions/want to incorporate this ‘on trend’ metal without making it a focal point, try introducing simple items into the home that you can play around with in terms of position and number; vases, terrariums, photo frames etc. are great introductory pieces. Spaced appropriately around a room they can effectively add new depth and interest to a space. If you are feeling a tad bolder, try adding larger pieces that can become focal points, such as chairs, sinks, taps, tables – or my personal favourite, lighting fixtures. Functional and diverse, copper lighting fixtures not only add artistic presence to a home, but the reflective glow they produce successfully enhances the natural warmth and undertones intrinsic to the copper material.

(Image sourced from Pinterest)


Whether you love cooking or not, everyone loves a stylish kitchen! In terms of kitchenware you cannot go wrong with copper. Its practicality is undeniable; copper pots and pans are utilized by top chefs universally thanks to their superior heat conductivity and functional weight – and if this doesn’t spark your interest, just take a look at this beautiful kitchen displaying copper kitchenware! Whether you use the products for their intended function or secretly just love the authentic, professional look they depict, copper in the kitchen space just works!

(Image sourced from Pinterest)

I hope I have given you some inspiration! If you are intrigued by the seductive copper glow and want to find out more, head over to Style the Home’s Pinterest Page where we have a board dedicated entirely to copper in the home! With a fabulous wealth of functional and aesthetic qualities, you won’t regret bringing this increasingly popular metal into your living space – its soft and charming rosy hue has certainly captivated me!

Anna x


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Harley & Lola's Seasonal Interior Trends and Collections

27th October 2016 written by Sam - Harley & Lola

Looking to the year ahead there are some sensationally stylish interior trends that are getting us at Harley & Lola very excited, and that is why we have some brand new collections to help you get the look of these fantastic designs! Here is our guide to three of our favourites and what you can expect to see from the most stylish interiors this Autumn and Winter.

Modern Vintage 

A blend of old and new, inspired by mid-century and Scandinavian styles, Modern Vintage is indescribably elegant, emphasizing beauty through simplicity and utility. With a rare approach to interior design, Modern Vintage strips all the clutter for a pared back interior style, embracing minimalist living whilst remaining warm and cosy. Natural light is extremely important to this style, using neutral backdrops of white to accentuate light, creating spaces that feel wonderfully spacious and seriously chic. This natural feel means that the style often works best in homes with wooden clad floors, although wall to wall carpet can still work in bedrooms as they exude the cosy feel desired from these spaces.

Modern Vintage furniture is all about wood. Pine and solid oak furniture are rich in lovely light grain colour, capturing the simplicity of natural beauty this style accomplishes so well and giving an airy feel to interior spaces. Even with such light and minimalist design these interiors feel so incredibly homely, embracing the Scandinavian belief of ‘hygge’, roughly translating to ‘cosy living’. Cosiness and warmth is brought through using textiles in moody greys and cooling blues, or deep black for added drama in a classic monochrome theme. My favourite interiors in this style use vibrant, bright colours in multi coloured rugs or even copper and brass home accessories for an amazing pop out effect. 

Colour Combinations 

Going to all the time and effort to repaint a room, then to find you don’t like how it looks, or hasn’t quite worked as you had hoped, is a nightmare situation for any home owner or amateur interior designer. Using colours is one of the most popular and classic methods to give a home a certain mood. Colour trends are a mainstay of interior design and there have definitely been some questionable ones over the years, after all who remembers avocado green bathrooms? Certainly some colour combinations work better than others, with recent colour scheme trends in greys, dark blues and earthy greens showing just how effective integrating colours can be for creating characterful interiors. 

Grey is one of the most versatile colours to work in with all types of interior design, popular in statement pieces like grey corner sofas. Grey possesses a warmth that white does not, at the same time harmonising with other colours to allow them to resonate throughout the room. Pairing different shades with other on trend colours in earthy greens and dark blues creates a very stylish look that works incredibly with wooden furniture. Greens work naturally with wooden pieces, especially in darker grains, giving an illusion of bringing the outdoors inside. 

Blue hues are always an interior designers best friend, this season popular in dark shades of midnight, ink and indigo for backdrops and soft furnishings. Use these darker shades with reclaimed wood furniture and brass accessories for a contemporary and much more dramatic twist on classic nautical interiors. On the other end of the blue spectrum I love the use of azure and teal in neutral coloured rooms, especially when paired with woods and greys. These stunning ocean colours look wonderful in home accessories such as bowls and teal lamp shades or as an accent wall for the bold and adventurous.

Industrial Chic 

Our final interior trend is one that belongs in its own unique category of interior design. What other styles take great measures in to cover and hide, Industrial Chic boldly exposes, displaying structural elements and the edgy beauty of everything raw. Industrial interiors find their roots in warehouse and barn spaces where it seems appropriate to keep the history of the building alive when converting them into spaces purposed for urban living. This design has been increasingly used to style loft apartments and even some modern homes, turning these areas into displays of exposed brickwork, beams, unvarnished wood and ingenious metalwork. These spaces are minimalist but each feature, each piece serves a function and defines the space it occupies.

Industrial chic does not have to be approached as an all or nothing design and despite the distinctive look of industrial pieces, they actually work incredibly well with other interior styles. Interiors that do not possess the architectural features found in warehouse and loft spaces can still achieve the look by incorporating choice elements where form and function are equally important. This style presents a creative opportunity to juxtapose modern with vintage, and raw with refined. Wood and metal make for fantastic interplays of texture and many interiors accomplish this using vintage pieces such as metal and wood bar stools or high shine metallic in copper and chrome. Where walls are concerned, exposed brick is the favourite of statement walls, many modern homes using brick effect wallpapers to achieve this look. Industrial features look best when used in neutral coloured rooms to really make a bold statement about the character of the industrial design. 

Sam - Harley & Lola

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The Modern Day Patchwork

19th October 2016 written by Lyndsay - Frantasia Haze

Hello and welcome to our world of Patchwork Luxury. At Frantasia Haze we live to design Bespoke and Unique Cushion Luxury for you home. Inspired to make rooms smile and bring a modern twist to everyday living.

Every Bespoke Cushion is completely originally and only one in each design is ever created. Why? Because we love bringing you Bespoke Luxury and we make sure every piece of luxury fabric is used to its full potential in every beautiful little square. I believe every home deserves its bespoke character and everyone should express their individual character through their interiors. Whether through bold colour, wild wallpaper or simplistic furniture. Why not? It’s your home, your escape whether it’s a carnival of colours or a sanctuary of tranquil bliss.

On that thought we have been busy working away in our studio, designing more Luxury Patchwork Beauties for your homes Luxury Treasures. Our designs from the latest collection, have been inspired by the tropical twist of Summer. Inspired by the sounds, smells, flavours and blooming beauty of a Tropical Summer, we have captured our favourite inspirations and designed them into our Fabulous Modern Day Patchwork Cushions. From Sweet Apple Green, Tangerine Coral to Raspberry Cerise, the delicious and stunning colours of summer can be enjoyed in your home with our Heavenly Patchwork Luxury.

Here are our Top Picks from our latest collection with a Summer Jungle, Apple Blossom and Floral Skies, all bursting with vibrant colour and fabulous textures. A perfect mix of luxury squares to bring home some fabulous character. Check out our latest Patchwork Beauties below:




Summer Jungle £34.99 / Apple Blossom £34.99 / Floral Skies £34.99

Scatter Me Perfect… Our Fabulous Bespoke Group Patchwork collections are perfect for scattering their character around your home. Our latest design is a Fabulous one, if I do not say so myself. A beautiful group collection of soft delicious summer tones and elegant details, named Lemongrass & Thyme is inspired by summer herbs, in a warm summer mist. Indulged in a beautiful soothing colour palette, Lemongrass & Thyme will add the perfect bespoke luxury and charmfull character to any room.


Lemongrass & Thyme £45.99

We are bringing Mini Patchwork Luxury with our Fabulous Mini Me Designs, Bright Side. With a burst of uplifting Sweet Spring Yellow with this modern floral twist, you will definitely create a modern elegant statement to your interiors. So what are you waiting for!? Get some Mini Me Patchwork Luxury in your life! Visit frantasiahaze.com



Bright Side Mini's £24.99

Lyndsay - Frantasia Haze 


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Yellow Book Interiors

3rd October 2016 written by Anna

The Yellow Book was a cultural quarterly published in the 1890s containing a vast array of literary and artistic genres (poetry, illustrations, portraits, painting reproductions, etc.) and showcasing leading British art and design at the time. As a historically influential magazine in terms of content and design, it is the inspiration behind the company I am going to be talking about today – Yellow Book Interiors Ltd.

This interior design company describes themselves as a ‘360 degree interior design agency creating beautiful interiors across Dorset’ and offer their clientele a complete interior design service – so whatever you are looking to do in your home (whether it be restoration or re-decorating a single room) Yellow Book Interiors Ltd can provide an experienced, professional touch that, let’s face it, is never a bad thing! As a company they are well aware that a home is just that, a home; it is not a stage or a display unit but an entirely personal space where aesthetics and practicalities are individual – not everyone is the same, so why should everyone’s home be? With an interior design agency such as this what you are getting is the help of an expert with the knowledge and commitment to help you express your unique individuality visually within your home, which is not always an easy achievement!

On their website they give a very clear break down of how a personal consultation is carried out which I have summarized below:

  • Following an initial consultation at a meeting of your choosing, Yellow Book Interiors Ltd will prepare a scheme board based on your brief which will be discussed and amended if needs be during your second meeting. Upon agreement of design and budget the company will project-manage their trusted contractors and suppliers, overseeing all actions so that work is completed to a high finish, on time, and within budget.

Recognising that the home is a personal space, this company is dedicated to meeting individual needs – they will supervise all projects in order to minimise disruption, provide a wide range of materials (including fabrics, wallpapers, light-fittings, floor coverings, and home furnishings), and make use of their close, working relationships with a varied array of suppliers in order to provide you with a space entirely catered to your aesthetic and functional needs.

If you are looking to re-vamp an area of your home or indeed your whole house, I urge you to have a look and see what Yellow Book Interiors Ltd can do for you! Their philosophy is simple; they believe in establishing environments that are ‘robust, beautiful, practical, and sensuous in equal measure’, that the intrinsic point of design is ‘to make life better’, and perhaps most importantly that your home should be as unique as you are.  So, if you have an interior project you wish to begin but aren’t quite sure where to start why not get in contact with Yellow Book Interiors Ltd and see just what they can do for you! www.yellowbookinteriors.co.uk

Anna x

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Take a walk on the wild side

15th September 2016 written by Anna

Vulgar. Cheap. Tacky. Why do we associated these words so often with animal prints? Yes they were used somewhat garishly in the 80's but they are making their way back into our homes, and this time they are bringing a new sophistication with them!


Snow Leopard.





All extremely versatile; animal prints/patterns have the ability to inject life into your space in a fun, energetic and still elegant way!

(Image sourced from Pinterest)

The first thing to consider here is the number one, major design mistake when it comes to animal prints, and that is simply over use. Crowding a space with any pattern is never a good idea, and this is especially true when it comes to this one – throw animal prints in every corner of a room and you will end up with a busy/cluttered atmosphere. The easiest way to introduce any animal print is sparingly, carefully and purposefully (whether it be through furnishings, rugs, pillows, lamps, art prints, wallpapers, etc.) and build slowly until you acquire the look you are going for. You also don’t have to completely redecorate a room if you wish to liven up your space with this theme (although, of course, you can), a few additions to an already decorated space/a few changes in colour schemes or layout is all it takes! Animal prints are remarkably versatile; they can be bold, subtle, lively, calming, whimsical, charming, classy, elegant… the list goes on! Leave your preconceptions behind and try experimenting with another one of Mother Nature’s fantastic, organic designs. As long as you don’t get too carried away, you will not be disappointed. Here are a few fab spaces/items I found online that will hopefully give you some ‘wild’ inspiration!

(Image sourced from Pinterest)

As you can see in these images, where the animal print has been implemented is either via statement accessories/furnishings or injected on a larger scale (such as a long floor rug or a wallpaper) where the pattern has been enlarged or slightly faded – both approaches purposefully and effectively work to prevent a crowded, over bearing atmosphere.

(Image sourced from Pinterest)

Vulgar, you say? Cheap? Tacky? Think again. Animal prints are back and better than ever. Adaptable and relatively easy to introduce, there has never been a better time to take a walk on the wild side!

anna x

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Small but significant: Handles

8th September 2016 written by Adrian Stoneham, Managing Director at Stoneham Kitchens.

​Kitchen handles should not be an afterthought.  Small they may be and althoughthey are the finishing touch to your kitchen, it’s important you think about them at the very beginning of the design process to make sure you create the mood and style you’re aiming for. Available in a an enormous variety of shapes and sizes, styles and materials, its not just the look that’s important, you also need think about how the handles work for you. Remember, you’re opening and closing doors all the time, so make sure they are functional and practical for everyday use as well as being the final aesthetic flourish.


With plenty to choose from, Adrian Stoneham offers an overview on what to consider:



What type of kitchen are you considering? Contemporary, traditional? Make sure you pick the right handle style to match your kitchen cabinets otherwise you will end up with a confusing design. Complement delicate features with textured and shaped decorative knobs or accentuate smooth, clean lines with wide and long stainless steel bars for a contemporary finish. Curved bars and shaped, decorative handles can add beautiful detail to an otherwise minimalistic kitchen.


It’s important to choose materials that flatter both the overall style of the kitchen and the other materials used in its construction. If your kitchen is modern, use materials such as stainless steel, chrome or aluminium handles for a sleek design.  If you’ve chosen a more traditional kitchen and gone for wooden cabinets such as Natural Walnut or Anthracite Oak, opt for cast iron or pewter handles to enhance the natural grains.  Alternatively if you are trying to achieve something timeless and classical, mix and match steel and chrome with timbers or painted door finishes for something truly unique.



The size and shape of your kitchen handles should reflect the overall design of the room but most importantly they will need to be practical for everyday use. It’s important to try before you buy when it comes to handles as something so small will actually make a big impact and cause you difficulties in the long term. Take a look at samples and test them in a kitchen showroom if you can.  If you can get a good grip and the handle feels comfortable in your hand then you know you have chosen the right one for you. If not, try more until you are completely satisfied with your choice. Some appliances such as integrated fridge and freezer have highly efficient seals, and with door interior fully laden they may require a firm pull to open.  A comfortable handle is important.



For a contemporary, seamless finish, handle-less doors offer a smooth, minimalist look with no clutter. The term ‘handle-less’ is rather a misnomer, as the true interpretation of this look for most clients is a handle that is integral to the door. From concealed hinges, to finger-pulls that are notched out of the door edges, or the latest “push to open” systems to doors and drawers such as Blum Tipon, there’s an array of different options on the market to achieve the handle-less look. However, a recessed handle, gives the understated style and finesse of a handle-less kitchen without losing any of the practicality.


And on a final note if you need to give your kitchen a quick and impactful update, changing handles is quick and easy to do as most handles have a number of designs with identical hole centres.


See the full range of Stoneham handles here.

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Luminous Lights

22nd August 2016 written by Alicia (1 comment)

If you’re at home, look up at the ceiling, what do you see? A flush light fixture, a bland light shade or have you never looked up and really noticed your lighting? Option C is my answer and as I look up now to my living room light, quite frankly I am not impressed. My main light is boring and reminds me of something my gran would display with pride. In fact, all the lights in my house are there for a specific purpose - of course - to light my home. But all our perspectives need to change on this forgotten subject.

Lighting is so important in our homes. We all know this, but still it doesn’t seem to register. A good light can illuminate and decorate a room. A bad light can take away from your space and somehow give the room a dimness even though it is fully lit.

From day to day I choose lighting for various restaurants. I choose quirky, stand-alone fixtures that would even catch the laziest of eyes. So why do we lack the imagination and willing to recreate what we see at all these stunning restaurants and magnificent boutique hotels? Cost.

Image sourced from Pinterest

Cost is a big factor when picking out our house lights. We are constantly trying to get a bargain (well I am at least). But scrimping on lighting should be a big no no. The right lighting and the rest will surely fall into place. Once upon a time a statement light may have cost the heavens and earth, but not anymore. There are lots of lighting companies that will accommodate to all your lighting wants and needs whilst still being mindful of your pennies. A few to get you started are Storm Furniture and Harley & Lola. Both websites have a great, varied selection no matter what your taste.


Image sourced from Pinterest

Well, where does one start? You can choose any lighting that you feel is fitting to your chosen room. But if you’re wondering what is in right now, then I can help. Coppers and metallic cage pendants are in. They will cast an abstract shadow in your room. They are edgy, cool, contemporary and, last but not least, versatile. I can imagine a few dotted around my home. If you are a little more traditional then there are lots on the market for you including beautifully glass blown pendants that come in various shapes and sizes and will surely stand the test of time. If you are brave, like me, why don’t you try out spider lights (have a google). They are not for the faint hearted, but you will be making a very big statement. They will not be ignored. If you are thinking that spider lights are for you, be ready for envious glares your friends will now give you. Another trend this year is having clusters of lights. You can have the same light then repeat it and have various lights that complement each other and cluster these. The great thing about clusters are that they are unique, the odds of having a cluster resembling anyone else’s is pretty slim.

Image sourced from Pinterest

No matter what your taste or budget is, there is something for you out there. You just need to look. One stunning light will change the look and feel of your home. Lighting is really important if we want to show our homes in all their pride and glory. Pop a captivating chandelier here, a peculiar pendant there. It will be worth every penny you spend. 

It’s time to come into the light, literally!

Alicia x

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